General Insurance Brokers (GIB)

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We are brokers for all types of life and non-life insurance business, which include among others the following main classes of insurance businesses:
I    Fire and lightning with allied perils for all types of property.
II. Motor Vehicles Insurance for all types of mechanically propelled vehicles.
III.. Marine Insurance that includes Marine Cargo, Inland Transit and Bandits, Shifta   and Guerilla cover for all types of import and export goods and commodities.
IV. All Forms of Engineering Insurance among which are:
a) Electronic Equipment Insurance
b) Erection All Risk Insurance
c) Contractors plant and machinery insurance
d) Contractors All Risk Insurance
e) Boiler and pressure vessels insurance
f) Machinery Breakdown Insurance
V. All forms of CONTRACT BONDS
Such as:

  1. Bid Bond
  2. Performance Bond
  3. Supply Bond
  4. Maintenance Bond
  5. Customs and Excise Bond
VI. Workmen’s Compensation, General Third party liability, Employers Liability,   Public Liability etc:
VII. All Risk Insurance
VIII. Burglary and housebreaking Insurance
IX. Theft Insurance for Commercial and Industrial premises.
X. Money (cash) in transit and safe insurance
XI. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
XII. Professional Indemnity Insurance for all sorts of professions

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