Founded in 1997, GIB is an insurance broker-dealer powerhouse that prides itself on an unwavering commitment. The current legal name of GIB is GHM and BT Insurance Brokers G. Partnership. But the company is widely known under the former name: GIB.

Serving the interests of our clients through personalized support and relationships matter to us. Because we are owned by professionals, and we are empowered to deliver excellent support and services.

Currently providing professional service to local and international investors and global business in Ethiopia on digital  bases by recording data, processing and reporting activities.

Years of Excellence


To protect the assets and other interests of its clients from loss or damage arising from insurable risks.


Our brokerage mission is guided by strong values: integrity, proximity, innovation, independence and excellence.


Its committed to conducting business with  honesty, integrity and   fairness, and without the use of bribery or corrupt practices. All GIB staff members performing services on behalf of GIB are prohibited from offering, agreeing to receive or accepting any bribe or other illegal or corrupt payments or inducement to or from any person at any time, any where in the world.

The company has grown steadily by establishing a professional approach to broking all insurance classes. The company is an active member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Ethiopia and our managing director is the chairperson of the Association.
Our team has extensive knowledge of insurance market and business environment, allowing us to provide our clients with tailor-made risk management and insurance broking solutions. We help our clients to identify, insure and manage their risks efficiently in order to enhance and add value to their businesses. We have established long-standing and privileged relationships with the best insurers in the nation.


Our Approach

GIB’s basic approach is to analyze and discuss the nature of risk exposure to individuals and organizations. After the analysis, a proposal of insurance categories and a costing schedule is prepared.


This proposal forms the basis of the insurance coverage for a period of twelve months. The program is reviewed from time to time during the year. Nearer the end of the insurance period, a renewal meeting is held to review performance during the year and to agree the new basis of insurance renewal for a new period.

Our Partners

GIB is an Ethiopian insurance broker with a global reach. It has correspondent reciprocal broker arrangements with several international insurance brokers.

GIB also handles insurance business for Willis Insurance Group and is the sole representative in Ethiopia. Willis is the third largest broker in the world and has major operations in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.  These partnerships will allow us to share international practices and excel in our standard.

As professional insurance Brokers, we endeavor to provide risk solutions for every asset, enterprise, or liability. Our insurance business mix is mainly from multinationals, foreign missions and Ethiopian corporate organizations.

We also have a thriving personal lines business department to cater to individuals, small business, partnerships and enterprises. The company aspires to give insurance broking service in a professional as well as a personal touch! It is for such a reason that it was selected to be awarded the International Arch of Europe Award (IAE) under Service Excellence category.

Awards and Certificates

Since 1997, the GIB Company has been serving policyholders – protecting businesses, mitigating losses, defending claims. In recognition to its service and commitment, GIB has received different local and international awards and certificates.